SFP-25G-LR-C Juniper SFP-28 25G-LR Transceiver

SFP-25G-LR-C Overview

Juniper SFP-28 25G-LR Transceiver


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SFP-25G-LR-C Technical Specifications

Juniper SFP-28 25G-LR Transceiver

Model Type: 25 Gigabit Ethernet
Transceiver Type: SFP28
Connector: LC/PC
Fiber grade: SMF
Digital Diagnostic Monitoring: Transceiver temperature, Transceiver supply voltage, TX bias current, TX output power, RX received optical power
Signaling rate, each lane: 25.78125 GBd ± 100 ppm
Transmitter fibers: 1
Transmitter wavelengths (range): 1295 to 1325 nm
Receive lane wavelengths (range): 1295 to 1325 nm
Side-mode suppression ratio (SMSR), (minimum): 30 dB
Transmitter output power, each lane (minimum): -7 dBm
Transmitter output power, each lane (maximum): 2 dBm
Receiver input power, each lane (minimum): -13.3 dBm
Stressed receiver sensitivity (OMA) each lane (maximum): -9.5 dBm
Cable type: SMF
Core size/cladding: 9/125 µm
Fiber grade: SMF
Distance: 10 km

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