Refurbished 46C7419 IBM 4GB DDR2 ECC PC2-5300 Memory

Refurbished 46C7419 Overview

46C7419 . Is a DDR2 Fully Buffered Module. DDR2 Modules run from 533 to 800 MT/s (million transfers per second). This module has a total capacity of 2GB. Has a Memory Bus Type of PC-5300. Corrects errors when they occur and is a Fully Buffered DIMM Module. The data transfer rate for this specific part is 667 Mhz. 


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Refurbished 46C7419 Technical Specifications

IBM Dual Rank 4GB (2x2GB) ECC SDRAM PC2-5300 CL5 FBD 667MHz Buffered

Category: IBM Option
Sub-Category: IBM Memory
Generation: 667MHz
Part Number: 46C7419
Storage Capacity: 4GB
Product Type: DRAM
Technology: DDR2 SDRAM
Memory Speed: 667MHz
Data Integrity Check: ECC
Application: Server Memory
Server Model: IBM Series x
Compatibility: Series x Servers
Manufacturer: IBM


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