AA849194 DELL 32gb 2666mhz Pc4-21300

AA849194 Overview

DELL AA849194 32gb (1x32gb) 2666mhz Pc4-21300 Cl19 2rx8 Non Ecc Unbuffered 1.2v Ddr4 Sdram 288-pin Udimm Memory Module


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AA849194 Technical Specification

DELL 32gb 2666mhz Pc4-21300

General Information:

  • Manufacturer: Dell
  • Manufacturer Part Number: Aa849194
  • Product Name: 32gb Ddr4 Sdram Memory ModuleTechnical Information:
  • Storage Capacity: 32gb
  • Memory Technology: Ddr4 Sdram
  • Number Of Modules: 1 X 32gb
  • Bus Speed: 2666mhz Ddr4-2666/pc4-21300
  • Data Integrity Check: Non Ecc
  • Signal Processing: Unbuffered
  • Features: 1rx8, Ultra Low Voltage
  • Cas Latency Timings: Cl15
  • Voltage: 1.2vPhysical Characteristics:
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