C1-X45-SUP8L-E/2 Cisco ONE Catalyst 4500 Series Platform Supervisor

C1-X45-SUP8L-E/2 Overview

The Cisco Catalyst 4500E Supervisor Engine 8L-E is an enterprise-class campus access and price/performance aggregation supervisor engine designed to provide up to 560 Gbps per system with E-series chassis. The Cisco Catalyst 4500E Supervisor Engine 8L-E provides 48 Gbps per slot with best in class features such as Flexible NetFlow (FNF), integrated Wireshark, TrustSec and MACSec security, and APIC-EM orchestration leading to reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) and industry-leading investment protection.


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C1-X45-SUP8L-E/2 Technical Specifications

Cisco ONE Catalyst 4500 Series Platform Supervisor 8L-E

Type : Active VLANs
Value : 4094
Type : ARP entries
Value : 47000
Type : DHCP snooping entries
Value : 12000
Type : Flexible NetFlow entries
Value : 128000
Type : IPv4 routing table entries
Value : 64000
Type : IPv6 routing table entries
Value : 32000
Type : MAC addresses
Value : 55000
Type : QoS hardware entries
Type : Queues per port
Value : 8
Type : SPAN bidirectional sessions
Type : Spanning Tree Protocol instances
Type : Switched virtual interfaces (SVIs)
Card Reader
Supported Flash Memory Cards : SD Memory Card
Flash Memory
Installed Size : 2 GB
Optical Storage
Type : None
Type : IPv4 routing
Type : IPv6 routing
Value : 110 Mpps
Type : Layer 2 bridging
Value : 225 Mpps
Type : Per-slot switching capacity
Value : 48 Gbps
Type : Switching capacity
Value : 560 Gbps

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