FWLF1631RXX Finisar Transceiver Module

FWLF1631RXX Overview

15xxnm dfb, 45 dwdm channels (c-band), a


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FWLF1631RXX Technical Specifications

Transceiver Module

Manufacturer: Finisar
Up to 2.7 Gb/s bi-directional data
links Fast Ethernet
High launch power (+3dBm MIN)
Hot plug gable SFP footprint
Temperature-stabilized DWDM-
rated DFB laser transmitter
100GHz ITU Grid, C-Band
Low dispersion DFB laser with up
to 160km reach
Extended operating range: -5°C to
70°C case temperature
Wavelength controlled within  0.1
nm over life and temperature
Extended link budget with APD
receiver technology

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