Refurbished MK1676GSX Toshiba 160GB 8MB Buffer SATA-II 2.5Inch

Refurbished MK1676GSX Overview

Toshiba’s MKxx76GSX Series 5400 RPM hard disk drives build upon the maturity of the Toshiba 320GB per-platter architecture to offer the same big storage capacities with enhanced quality and reliability.


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Refurbished MK1676GSX Technical Specifications

Toshiba 160GB 5.4K RPM 8MB Buffer SATA-II 2.5Inch Hard Disk Drive

Capacity: 160GB
Form Factor: 2.5 inch
Spindle Speed: 5400RPM
Cache: 8MB
Interface: SATA 3Gb/s
Average Rotational Latency: 5.56 ms
Average Seek Time: 12 ms
Track To Track Seek Time: 2 ms
Required Power For Spinup: 940 mA
Power Required (Seek): 2.7 W
Power Required (Idle): 1.0 W
Power Required (Standby): 0.25 W

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