SFP-H25G-CU1.5M Cisco SFP28 Passive Copper Cable Attach Cable

SFP-H25G-CU1.5M Overview

Cisco SFP28 to SFP28 copper direct-attach 25GBASE-CR1 cables are suitable for very short links and offer a highly cost-effective way to establish a 25-Gigabit link between SFP28 ports of Cisco switches within racks and across adjacent racks


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SFP-H25G-CU1.5M Technical Specifications

Cisco SFP28 Passive Copper Cable 25GBase-CR1 Direct Attach Cable 5 ft

Brand : Cisco
Product Line : Cisco
Model : SFP28 Passive Copper Cable
Packaged Quantity : 1
Network Cable Type : 25GBase-CR1 direct attach cable
Technology ; Twinaxial
Left Connector Type : SFP28
Left Connector Qty : 1
Right Connector Type : SFP28
Right Connector Qty : 1
Compliant Standards : SFF-8402/IEEE 802.3by
Features : Black pull tab, Latching connectors
Color : Black
Color Category ; Black
Dimensions & Weight
Length L 5 ft
Service & Support
1-year warranty
Environmental Parameters
Min Operating Temperature
32 degree Fahrenheit
Max Operating Temperature
158 degree Fahrenheit
Compatible With : P/N: C9200L-24PXG-2Y-A, C9200L-24PXG-2Y-A=, C9200L-24PXG-2Y-E, C9200L-24PXG-2Y-E=, C9200L-48PXG-2Y-A, C9200L-48PXG-2Y-A=, C9200L-48PXG-2Y-E, C9200L-48PXG-2Y-E=, C9300-NM-2Y, C9300-NM-2Y=, C9300-NM-2Y-RF, C9400-SUP-1XL-Y, C9400-SUP-1XL-Y/2, C9400-SUP-1XL-Y=, C9400-SUP-1XL-Y-B, C9500-24Y4C-10E, C9500-24Y4C-1A, C9500-24Y4C-1E, C9500-24Y4C-A, C9500-24Y4C-A=, C9500-24Y4C-E, C9500-24Y4C-E=, C9500-24Y4C-EA-7, C9500-24Y4C-EDU, C9500-24Y4C-P, C9500-48Y4C, C9500-48Y4C-1A, C9500-48Y4C-1E, C9500-48Y4C-A, C9500-48Y4C-A=, C9500-48Y4C-A-BUN, C9500-48Y4C-A-RF, C9500-48Y4C-E, C9500-48Y4C-E=, C9500-48Y4C-EDU, C9500-48Y4C-E-RF, C9500-48Y4C-P, C9600-LC-48YL, C9600-LC-48YL=, N3K-C3232C, N3K-C3232C=, N3K-C3232C-OE, N3K-C3232C-WS, N3K-C3264C-E, N3K-C3264C-E=, N3K-C36180YC-R, N9K-C92300YC, N9K-C92300YC=, N9K-C92300YC-RF, N9K-C93180YC-EX_BR, N9K-C93180YC-EX-BCMN, N9K-C93180YC-EX-BPNY, N9K-C93180YC-FX, N9K-C93180YC-FX=, N9K-C93180YC-FXB2S, N9K-C93180YC-FX-H, N9K-C93180YC-FX-RF, N9K-C93180YC-FX-WS, N9K-C93240YC-FX2, N9K-C93240YC-FX2=, N9K-C93240YC-FX2-B, N9K-C93360YC-FX2, N9K-C93360YC-FX2=, N9K-C9348GC-FXP, N9K-C9348GC-FXP=, N9K-C9348GC-FXP-B1, N9K-C9348GC-FXP-OR, N9K-C9348GC-FXP-RF, N9K-X96136YC-R, N9K-X96136YC-R=, N9K-X97160YC-EX, N9K-X97160YC-EX=, N9K-X97160YC-EX-RF, NCS-55A1-24Q6H-S, NCS-55A1-24Q6H-S=, NCS-55A1-48Q6H, NCS-55A1-48Q6H=, NCS-55A2-MOD-SE-S=, NCS-55A2-MOD-SYS=, UCSC-MLOM-C25Q-04, UCSC-MLOM-C25Q-04=, UCSC-PCIE-C25Q-04, UCSC-PCIE-C25Q-04=, UCSC-PCIE-ID25GF, UCSC-PCIE-ID25GF=, UCSC-PCIE-QD25GF, UCSC-PCIE-QD25GF=, UCS-IOM-2408, UCS-IOM-2408=, UCS-IOM-2408-8SFP, UCS-IOM-2408-8SFP=


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